Auto Strainer Vaf Filter

Auto Strainer Vaf Filter VAF Filter System (VAF™ ) Screen Filters Automatic self-cleaning screen filters for removal of suspended solids. Providing cost-effective, efficient, and space-saving solutions that reduce water waste while limiting maintenance. Our self-cleaning screen filters utilize an innovative technology designed for greater cleaning efficiency and reduced maintenance.


TOP TEC WORLD CO., LTD.   we are making the world a safer & cleaner place, with over 20 years in industrial liquid filtration :

-Filter process for cooling tower

-Filter process for water treatment  plant

-Filter  process for water pump

-Filter process for water purification

-Filter process for water production

-Filter process for water cycle

-Filter process for power generation

-Filter  process for power plant

-Filter process for bottling water

-Filter  process for steel manufacturing

-Filter process for farming

-Filter process for petroleum

-Filter process for paper manufacturing

-Filter  process for wastewater water

-Filter process for ethanol

-Filter process for sugar manufacturing

-Filter  process for seawater

-Wastewater treatment sugar industry.


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