TOP TEC WORLD CO., LTD.   we are making the world a safer & cleaner place, with over 20 years in Auto Strainer industrial liquid filtration :

-Filter process for cooling tower

-Filter process for water treatment  plant

-Filter  process for water pump

-Filter process for water purification

-Filter process for water production

-Filter process for water cycle

-Filter process for power generation

-Filter  process for power plant

-Filter process for bottling water

-Filter  process for steel manufacturing

-Filter process for farming

-Filter process for petroleum

-Filter process for paper manufacturing

-Filter  process for wastewater water

-Filter process for ethanol

-Filter process for sugar manufacturing

-Filter  process for seawater

-Wastewater treatment sugar industry.


We are a leading manufacturer of filtration systems  Y Strainer Filter, T Strainer Filter, Basket Strainer Filter , Handle Wheel Washing Basket Strainer ,  Duplex Strainer Filter, Automatic Strainer Filter, Automatic Backwash Strainer Filter,  Hydrocyclone Separator , Automatic strainer machine , Automatic strainer self cleaning  , Automatic backwash drain filter , Automatic self-cleaning water filters , Automatic backflush strainer, Automatic water strainer , Automatic flushing ,Temporary filter ,  Water Strainer Filter, Round Filter Element and Screen Filter Mesh.



We have factories in Thailand. Contact us for quotation, or inquiry for modifiable filter housing solutions. We manufacture and ship to clients globally. We have an extensive product range like Valve filter , elements, filter cartridges, filter bags and filter sheets, filter housings and modules to large system installations. Tell us your application and we will advise which product would fit best to support your application.



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