Cooling tower Strainer process

cooling tower strainer

Cooling tower Strainer process

Cooling tower Strainer process involves the following steps:

Debris collection: The strainers basket captures debris such as leaves, dirt, and other materials as the water enters the cooling tower.

Strainer cleaning: The strainers basket is periodically cleaned to remove the accumulated debris. This is typically done through backwash or reverse flow, which uses a portion of the water flow to flush out the debris.

Debris disposal: The removed debris is typically disposed of in a manner that is safe and compliant with local regulations.

Continued operation: The cleaned strainers basket is returned to its original position and the cooling tower continues to operate. The strainers will continue to collect debris and the process will repeat as needed.

The frequency of strainers cleaning will depend on the volume of debris in the water and the size of the strainers basket. An automatic basket strainers helps to ensure that the cleaning process occurs regularly and without interruption to the cooling tower operation.



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