Self cleaning filter manufacturer

self cleaning filter manufacturer

Self cleaning filter manufacturer


Self cleaning filter manufacturer in Thailand. TOP TEC WORLD CO., LTD.   we are making the world a safer & cleaner place, with over 20 years in industrial liquid filtration Contact Now! We have our own processing plant, R&D team and sales team. Safe & Efficient Products. Global Shipping.



We are a leading product of filter : Basket Strainer , Handle Wheel Washing Basket Strainer ,  Automatic Basket Strainer , Automatic Backwash Strainer , Duplex Basket Strainer , Automatic Strainer Machine , Automatic Strainer Self-Cleaning , Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters, Automatic Backwash Drain Filter, Automatic Backwashing Strainer , Automatic Backflush Strainer , Automatic Water Strainer ,Hydrocyclone Separator Filter , T Strainer Filter , Y Strainer and Temporary filter.



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